Creation and Choice

We say to God, You created us like this, it's Your problem! He answers, you wanted to be created like this – it's your problem!

God created the world with 10 sayings, one implicit and 9 explicit. The 9 are orders, but the first is permission, if you want to be, ok.

The first saying reads, "In the beginning of (it doesn't say of what) God created…." In the beginning of whatever you like.

Thus creation begins with free choice, only then come 9 decrees, beginning with "Let there be light."

When you decree that something happen you look to see if it really happened as you said. "And God saw the light to be good."

But when something is permissible, not obligatory, you don't look to see what happened. God didn't look at the creation of heavens and earth.

So what happened? "And the earth was chaotic and void, and darkness…." That's what happens if you leave it up to the free choice of man.

God didn't look at what happened, but He "smelled" it. "And the spirit (cognate to smell) of God hovered over the face of the waters."

The Mashiach will judge by smell, not by sight or hearing. The Divine response to the bad odor of reality is the order "Let there be light."

Light – the light of Torah – not only expels darkness but it purifies air pollution. That's what we need today.

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