Choosing to Lose Choice

Man can choose to live as though there is no free choice, rather all is determined by God who is absolutely good.

To choose to live as though there is no free choice is to live in the World of Emanation, the Divine realm without self-consciousness.

The choice to live as though there is no free choice is the existential leap of the soul from the lower worlds to the World of Emanation.

Just a few of us are able to take the existential leap to the World of Emanation. The majority of us are meant to live in the lower worlds.

In the lower worlds of self-consciousness free choice is what determines our fate. Every moment we're on trial, what direction did we choose

We cannot know how free choice and God's knowledge of all that will be can coexist. We can just say that He and His knowledge are above time

God is involved in all of our doings but doesn't interfere. Involvement without interference is the key to success in management.

Involvement with the other is the expression of caring for him. Interference is the expression of one's own ego. God has no ego, only care.

Uncertainty and ego are engrained in nature, the former due to the latter. God's egoless knowledge of all does not cause a wave collapse.

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