Body, Intelligence, Desires

Who am I? Not my body, not my intelligence, not my desires, they were all given me. So who am I? I'm nothing, one with the Almighty.

God created something from nothing, He created us to feel that we are something when in fact we are nothing. Something covers nothing.

God gives us free choice, to choose to be something or to choose to be nothing.

If you choose to be nothing then God enters your life.

You can know that you're nothing and at the same time feel all the layers of something that cover you, desires, intelligence, body.

The initials of body, intelligence, desires spell "bridge." They are the bridge between you, nothing, and the outside world.

The Zohar speaks of 72 bridges. 72 = loving-kindness. Fill your desires, mind, and body with thoughts, words, and acts of loving-kindness.

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