Birdwatching Lesson #1: Doves

There are two words for "bird" in Hebrew, of and tzipor. Their initials spell "tree." Birds like to perch on trees.

The first word for bird means to fly, the second – to chirp. To be a bird its not enough to know how to fly, you must know how to chirp.

The bird's flying aspect is drawn to the tree's branches, its chirping part to the fruit. In Hebrew, fly-branch and chirp-fruit are related.

One (echad = 13) and kingdom (malchut = 496) = 509 = "On that day will God be one and His Name one."

The Jewish People is likened to a dove, loyal to its mate – God. If you are loyal to your mate you possess an affinity to a Jewish soul.

In ordinal numbering, dove = Jew (35). In small numbering, dove = Jew = good = Havayah (17). All reduce in the end to 8, above nature.

There is something supernatural about being loyal to one's spouse. Loyalty is to transcend one's finite self and unite with one's soul-mate.

The animal soul asks, "Why be good, what do I gain by it?" The Divine soul answers, "By emulating God you become one with Him."

Between the animal soul and the Divine soul there is an intellectual soul. It answers, "Be good to others and they will be good to you."

The good of the intellectual soul is conditional; the good of the Divine soul is unconditional.

God is referred to as "good in essence." He is absolute, unconditional good. Not always is His goodness revealed in this "world of deceit."

Faith in God is the power by which the soul reveals to itself and to others God's essential goodness, visible to our "eyes of flesh."

In Hebrew, faith (emunah) = 102 = 6 times 17, good. The word good has 3 letters which permute in 6 different ways, all together = faith.

Goodness is revealed in the eyes. The greatest pleasure of a loyal pair of doves is to gaze at one another in love. "A good eye is blessed."

A dove is a symbol of peace on earth. Peace is a supernatural phenomenon, dependant upon a good eye toward others and loyalty.

The prophet Jonah, whose name means "dove," was sent to the nations to arouse them to return to God and be saved from destruction.

Jonah is a messianic soul, whose purpose is to bring peace to mankind. The Arizal taught that he is the soul of Mashiach the son of Joseph.

Jonah plus Mashiach the son of Joseph = the fear of God. His soul is from the left, fear – the power of fear to enhance and motivate love.

Jonah is the son of Amitai, whose name means truth. Peace will come when the truth of the Torah becomes known to all of mankind.

Jonah was the child that died and was brought back to life by the prophet Elijah, the prophet that announces the coming of the Mashiach.

History teaches us that all attempts to bring peace to earth die prematurely. It takes Elijah to revive Jonah. It takes truth to bring peace.

The prophet says, "Love truth and peace." Truth and peace themselves are a loyal pair of doves.

"Love truth and peace" = 853. Mashiach = 358 – two complementary numbers.

The dove said to Noah, "May my food be as bitter as olives from the hand of God, and not as sweet as honey from the hand of man."

The Jewish soul is like the dove, loyal to its spouse, God. Better to be sustained by God, even if bitter, than by men, even if sweet.

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