Being King David

Of the Bible's 24 books Psalms is the 14th. David wrote Psalms. David = 14. In Psalms he lives on.

David lived 70 years. 70 = 5, the reduction of 14, times 14. 14 = hand, 5 fingers and 14 joints.

David is God's hand, to fight His wars, to write His praises, to judge and provide for His people.

A King David exercise: close and open your hand – a fist to fight enemies, an open hand to give.

There are 150 Psalms. They subdue the negativity of anger in the soul. Anger = 150 = subdual.

"King David is forever alive." He is the heart of the Jewish people, who are the heart of mankind.

King David is "the candle of Israel." Every soul is "a candle of God" and every mitzvah is a candle.

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