Back and Front, Science and Torah

"You [God] have formed me back and front." In Tanya we learn that the back of Divine wisdom is science and the front is Torah.

With the back of His wisdom God forms my body and with the front of His wisdom He forms my soul.

The phrase "back and front" = 365, the number of prohibitive commandments in the Torah and the number of days in a solar year.

The prime factors of 365 are 5 and 73. 365 = 5 times wisdom (73). The wisdom of the back, science, is 1 and of the front, Torah, is 4.

The 4 levels of wisdom included in the wisdom of the Torah correspond to the 4 letters of God's essential Name, Havayah.

The 4 levels of Torah wisdom, the "front" of Divine wisdom, are the literal reading, the allusion, the allegory, and the secret.

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