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Inner Dimension Audio: Psychology and Relationships

Bridging Mind and Heart (62:00)
Uniting opposites is one of the most difficult tasks that we face in life. Whether it be within ourselves (our objective intellect vs. our subjective emotions), within our relationships (with a spouse, fellow workers, etc.).

This lecture includes an analysis of the four different methods by which the sefirah of da'at functions in order to bridge opposites.

The accompanying summary can be used to follow the lecture closely. Use the final chart to quickly refer to these four methods whenever the situation calls for overcoming disparity.

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This lecture was recorded live in Chicago, Illinois in Elul of 5764 (Sep. 2004).

The Importance of Being Earnest 

Many of the problems that we encounter as individuals and as a society today are rooted in the loss of a sincere and straightforward belief in G-d. On the one hand, the modern individual is full of cynicism and contempt for anyone who still holds on to his innocence. On the other hand, the same modern person is finding himself more and more drawn to various forms of witchcraft, magic, alternative remedies, psychic readings, etc., all with the hope of finding some comfort, solace, and security from life’s difficulties and infirmities. Click here to read more and listen.

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