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Inner Dimension Audio: Audio Lectures on Jewish Meditation

Revealing God's Signature in Creation      (135:19 min) 
All of creation bears God's signature. Through meditation, we reveal that signature in every facet of reality. In this audio lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds upon the deep meaning and purpose of meditation, and then guides us through a meditation on the inner meanings of the Hebrew year 5764.

Topics covered in this lecture include: What is the secret of the violin?; What is the inner dimension of a year?; How do we dig for inner treasure?; What is the goal of Jewish meditation?; Where is our inner eye?; How does God put His signature on reality?; What is the meaning of God's Face?; How do we transform severity to sweetness?; Why is the second letter of God's Name called The World to Come?; What does a long face and a short face represent?; What is true modesty–does it mean never leaving the home?Should women learn Kabbalah?

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This lecture was recorded live in Baltimore, Maryland, in Elul 5763 (Sep 2003).

Five Stages in the Historical Development of Kabbalah

The Fundamentals of the Inner Dimension of the Torah

n this three hour long seminar, the fundamentals of Kabbalah and the instruction of Kabbalah were taught to the prospective teachers in the soon to be opened Gal Einai Center of Los Angeles. The resources section contains the Hebrew test developed for prospective teachers. Click hear to listen. 

Kabbalah: The Remedy for Healing Our Nation

Thinking Out of the Box

Introduction to the Anthology of Ba’al Shem Tov Stories

Introduction to the soon to be published anthology of Ba’al Shem Tov Stories and a retelling and Kabbalistic commentary on one of the stories in the anthology. Beautiful music precedes the class. Click hear to listen.

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