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Kabbalah and Medicine      (92:27 min total) 
This lecture was given just after the publication of Rabbi Ginsburgh's new book Body, Mind, and Soul. Part 1 includes the lecture, and part 2 a half-hour long question and answer session with some moderation in Portuguese.

Topics covered in this lecture include: Healing and spiritual healing and their connection with the doctrine of the reincarnation of souls, especially as described in the teachings of the Holy Arizal. 

Part 1

Part 2

This lecture was recorded live in Brazil, in Elul 5764 (September 2004).

The Performing Arts: Movement, Voice, and Drama     (141.24 min) 
From the movement of the fiery angels to the role of the villain in reality, Rabbi Ginsburgh explores the inner secrets of the performing arts and how we can apply them in our lives to rectify ourselves and the world.

Topics covered in this lecture include: What is the motion of the angels?; Who can help us to understand our ultimate purpose on earth?; How can we fly?; What is the secret of voice?; How can a woman's voice resurrect the dead?; Where is the Mashiach waiting to redeem us?; How should we relate to villains in theatre and in our lives?; How do we identify the potential point of the villain in our soul?; What can "dressing up" achieve?; How can acting out a villainous role sweeten evil?

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This lecture was recorded live in Los Angeles, California, in Sivan 5763 (June 2003), at the Torah and Art seminar.

Torah, Art and the Creative Process     (90.36 min) 
At its source, art is a paradox–giving physical form to faith in the One God, Who has no form. In this audio meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh delves into the primordial essence of God that is the root of artistic expression. When we understand the process by which God created the ultimate work of art–the world–we can also find the point in our own psyche that is the source of all creativity.

Topics covered in this lecture include: The four meanings of the root of faith; The Kabbalistic model of point, line, area; How does the Garden of Eden reflect the artistic process?; The two levels of pleasure expressed by art; Why are talented artists often on the verge of insanity?; The equality of everything, anything and nothing; Why must nothingness overpower omnipotence in order to create?

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This lecture was recorded live in Los Angeles, California, in Kislev 5764 (Dec 2003).

Measuring Apptitude: The 12 Senses and Education

On the High Priest’s breastplate, 12 precious stones were set. Each stone represented not only one of the twelve tribes of Israel but also one of the twelve general apptitudes that characterize the makeup of every human being. The High Priest was the model educator as he was able to identify each “student’s” apptitude by the holy stones on his breastplate. To be an educator requires that we too learn to identify our students’ special gifts, which they need to complete their life’s journey. Click here to listen. 

Hebrew: The Ideal Language for Ordering Information

Hebrew has 22 letters, 231 gates, and 1540 roots. It is the only completely logically structured language and therefore presents us with the ideal model for organizing information and meaning. Hebrew, the holy language of the Bible, by which G-d created the world is thus the perfect language for all information systems. Click here to listen.

Kabbalah and Scientific Progress

One of the most revolutionary ideas proposed by modern science is that it is not the sun that revolves around us, but we that revolve around the sun. The response of the holy Rabbi Israel of Ruzhin to this idea, dubbed heliocentrism, provides the basis for a seminal discussion of the impact of Kabbalah on science (and vice versa). Heliocentrism and the geocentrism it replaced are discussed in terms of the Divine service of the Tzadikim, the righteous leaders of the generation. Click here to listen. 

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