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Audio Lectures on Kabbalah and Chassidut by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


Welcome to Gal Einai's temporary audio recordings repository. We are planning a new dedicated part of our website for the more than 7000 audio and close to 1000 video recordings we have of Harav Ginsburgh's lectures. In the meantime, we are pleased to offer you this small sampling of Harav Ginsburgh's Torah lectures and online. Additional recordings of classes can be found here.

The Weekly Torah Portion
The Book of Breishit ("Genesis") 12 short audio lectures:
Torah Portion Title of Audio Lecture
Breishit: The Primordial Drama of Our Souls
Noach: Noah's Ark and the Gift of Cosmic Speech  
Lech Lecha: The Secrets of the Unifying Covenants
Vayerah: Abraham's Divine Beard Salon
Chayei Sarah:  The Consummate Life of Sarah
Toldot:  Digging the Wells in our Souls
Vayeitzei  The Secret of the Fusion of the Stones
Vayishlach Battling the Stranger in the Darkness
Vayeishev Click Here
Miketz Click Here
Vayigash Click Here
Vayechi Jacob's Seventeen Good Years
The Book of Shemot ("Exodus") 10 short audio lectures:
Torah Portion Title of Audio Lecture
Shemot: The Burning Bush and Our Spiritual Growth
Va'eira: Transforming the Plagues of Egypt into Messianic Miracles
Bo: Dogs and the Secret of the Resurrection of the Dead
B'shalach The Oasis of Transformation
Yitro: The Three Dimensions of the Smoking Mountain
Mishpatim: The Arrows and Ox of Fire
Terumah The Cherubim–Symmetrical Innocence in Union
Te'tsaveh: Essential Eights–Olive Oil and the Priestly Garments
Ki Tisah: The Rectified Golden Calf: Balanced Leadership
Vayakhel-Pekudai: The Seal of the Book of Exodus: God's Transcendent Light
The Book of Vayikara ("Calling"–"Levitcus") 7 short audio lectures:
Torah Portion Title of Audio Lecture
Vayikra: The Book of Calling
Tzav: Rectifying Pleasure and Will in Our Soul

The Miracle of Flying Fish

Tazria-Metzora: The Messianic Power to Cure
Acharei-Kedoshim: The Redemption of Natural Consciousness
Emor Do Our Hearts Have Room for God?
Behar-Bechukotai: Rain: Harmony in all Three Dimensions of Reality
The Book of Bamidbar ("Numbers") 9 short audio lectures:
Torah Portion Title of Audio Lecture
Bamidbar: Can We Give Birth to Ourselves and to Others?
Naso: The Flow of Paradox 
Beha'alotcha: Lighting the Candle of Love 
Shlach: Holy Espionage
Korach: From Essence to Actualization
Chukat: Why is There Death in the World? 
Balak The Secret of Overcoming the Donkey and the Snake  
Pinchas The Three Hands of Leadership  
Matot Masei     The Mysterious Road Sign to Messianic Consciousness 
The Book of Devarim ("Deuteronomy") 10 short audio lectures:
Torah Portion Title of Audio Lecture
Devarim The World's Favorite Mountain
Va'etchanan   Is Mashiach in the Chimney? 
Eikev  The Land of the Supernal Crown
Re'eh The Mystical Mountains
Shoftim The Seven Paths of the Tree of the Field
Ki Tetze  The Electrifying Fence
Ki Tavo  The Secret of the Altar of Joy
Neetzavim Vayelech The Key to Choosing Life
Ha'azinu Do We Hear the Music of our Messianic Flight?
Vezot Habracha   The Death of Moses, the Birth of Mashiach


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