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Inner Dimension Audio Audio-Aid: The Secrets of the Year 5764

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The following is presented as aid for audio lecture
No. E_1019: The Secret of the Year 5764

This lecture was recorded live in Crown Heights, NY, Sat night, the 24th of Elul 5763 (Sept, 20, 03)–as preparation of the reciting of Selichot before the High Holidays.

The Secrets of the Year 5764

Every year has its own unique potential. In this discourse, Rabbi Ginsburgh delves into the hidden meaning of each component of the Jewish year of 5764, He guides us through the spiritual service essential to manifestation of the unique potential hidden within this special year.

In this lecture Rabbi Ginsburgh discusses the following topics

  • What is a spiritual remedy to heal sadness?

  • If a broken heart is so good, why does it need to be healed?

  • What is a positive broken heart?

  • What is positive anxiety?

  • When is a broken heart a complete vessel?

  • What should be the overriding emotion of the month of Tishrei?

  • What do the 6 millenia of the existence of the world represent?

  • What is the special service of our millennium?

  • What is the inner service of our century within this millenium?

  • What is the inner service of our decade within this century and millenium?

  • What is the inner service of this year within this decade, century and millenium?

  • How do we accomplish tikun habrit in our generations?

  • How do we acknowledge the tzaddik?

  • What is the innovation of the Ba'al Shem Tov?

  • Who most needs the secrets of the Torah?

  • What leads to our defeating our own purpose when trying to achieve a holy goal?

  • What is the only way we can help others to correct their actions?

  • How can we reach into the depths of another's heart?

Aneinu – Answer Us

  • Ani: pauper

  • Anan: cloud

  • Aneinu: answer us

First we must cry out to God with our broken heart, (a person with a broken heart is likened to a pauper) ani v'rochev al chamor, (the image of Mashiach's arrival if Israel does not merit is of a pauper riding on a donkey), and then God answers (oneh) with Mashiach al ananei shmaya. (When Israel merits, Mashiach arrives on the clouds of heaven.)

Four Stages of the Holidays of Tishrei

Holiday Letter of Divine Name Sefirah Associated Verse Manifestation in Soul


Crown of yud Keter

Concealed point that contains all coming holidays of Tishrei

Rosh Hashanah



Reishit chochmah Yir'at Hashem

Pardon – mechilah

Yom Kippur Upper hei Binah Lifnei Havayah titharu

Purification of heart;
Atonement – kaparah



6 emotional attributes of heart and 7th, ateret hayesod Natata simcha b'libi

Bringing joy to the attributes of the heart

Shmini Atzeret

Lower hei Malchut

Zeh ya'atzor b'ami

To radiate to reality the joy of the kingdom of Mashiach

The Unique Potential of 5764: Four levels of Interinclusion–Millennium, Century, Decade, Year

Time period



Divine Service

How to Accomplish




Rectification of the Covenant–Rectification of our relationship with God, our fellow Jews, Torah, spouse

Connect with tzaddikof generation



Hod in Yesod

Acknowledge that which is beyond the scope of our perception

Believe whattzaddik said even if not understood




Netzach in Hod inYesod

The ability to overcome obstacles in the face of acknowledging the inherent truth of the tzaddik's words.

Publicize the truth of thetzaddik's words in a way that enters the hearts of the listeners.

To accomplish this:

1. Nullify ego

2.Words must come from our own broken hearts



Chesed in Netzach inHod in Yesod

Loving-kindness: The way to overcome the obstacles in the way of publicizing the tzaddik's words is through love.

Speaking to others from the innermostpoint of our broken hearts. Words that issue fromdeep within our hearts have the power to penetrate to the depths of the heart of the listener


Translation Aid:

  • Ahavas Yisrael — Love of Israel
  • Al pi torah — According to the Torah
  • Alter Rebbe — The first Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Liadi
  • Arvis — evening prayer
  • Auni — pauper
  • B'ahavah — with love
  • Bris — covenant
  • Chag Hasukkos — The festival of Tabernacles
  • Chas v'shalom — God forbid
  • Da'as – knowledge
  • Eliyahu hanavi — Elijah the Prophet
  • Eretz Yisrael — The Land of Israel
  • Hachodesh hazeh lachem rosh chodashim — This month is for you the first of months
  • Hakadosh baruch Hu — The Holy One, Blessed Be He
  • Hashem — God
  • L'chatchilah – primarily
  • Kapitel tehillim — chapter of Psalms
  • Kavannah – intention
  • Kedusha – holiness
  • Klall — general principle
  • Kol hashvi'im chavivim — all sevens are dear
  • L'malah mita'am v'da'as — Above reason
  • L'olam yirshu aretz — They will eternally inherit the Land
  • Madregos – levels
  • Metaken – rectify
  • Midot — attributes
  • Minhag – Custom
  • Mitzvah – commandment
  • Motza'ai shabbos –Saturday night
  • Mussar — concerned rebuke
  • Niggun — Chassidic melody
  • Nitzotz of Mashiach — spark of Mashiach
  • Pasuk – verse
  • Perek – chapter
  • Prat — detail
  • Rachmanus — in need of mercy
  • Rosh Hashanah — The Jewish New Year
  • Sefirah — Divine emanation
  • Shem Havayah baruch hu — God's Name Havayah, Blessed Be He
  • Sicha — Torah discourse
  • Simcha – joy
  • Simcha shel mitzvah — joy of mitzvah fulfillment
  • Simchas Torah — the festival of the celebration of the Torah
  • Talmidim – students
  • Tefillah L' David — Prayer of David
  • Tefillah l'Moshe — Prayer of Moses
  • Tikun – rectification
  • Tikun habrit — rectification of covenant (relationships)
  • Tzaddik — righteous person
  • V'ad bichlal — Until and including
  • V'amaych kulam tzaddikim — And your nation are all righteous people
  • Yeshus — ego
  • Zoche – merit

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