Parshat Yitro: Mt. Sinai in Three Dimensions

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The Four Audio Visual Images at Mount Sinai

The Torah gives a four-image description of the experience of Israel at the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

The people saw:

  1. The voices
  2. The torches
  3. The blast of the shofar
  4. The smoking mountain

The second and fourth images are visual. Paradoxically, the first and third images are actually audio images that at Sinai were perceived visually as well. This is because the experience reached such a deep point in the soul that the physical senses intermingled.

The first three revelations are supernatural. They did not take hold in reality. The fourth image of the smoking mountain is physical. The fire took hold of the mountain and was seen in reality as smoke.

These four images correspond to the four letters of God's Name:

image letter of Havayah   sefirah touched reality through   manifestation  
voices yud wisdom (chochmah) eye sound of Ten Commandments being spoken by God
torches hei understanding (binah) mind perception of heavenly torch
shofar vav six emotions of heart (chesed to yesod) heart shofar awakens emotions
smoke hei   kingdom (malchut) eye/taste

union of three dimensions of reality

The final image of smoke is the one that lingers longest in our mind and that should accompany us as we daily receive the Torah anew. What does smoke represent?

The Three Dimensions of "Smoke"

Hebrew letter dimension coordinates power positive manifestation Hebrew meaning experience
ayin space (olam) up-down
to discern between light and darkness light eye to correctly perceive reality
shin time (shanah) past-future to discern between truth and falsehood truth tooth
to correctly integrate reality

soul (nefesh)

good-bad to discern between good and evil good

When we meditate on the image of the smoking mountain, we should attempt to experience the merging of light, truth and good, and unite the perceptions of sight and taste to merit to receive the Torah anew every day.

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