Around the Corner

A corner is a point of nothing between two well defined directions, two somethings. You don't know what's awaiting you around the corner.

In Hebrew, "corner" is the same as "horn" and "ray," the rays of light that radiated from the face of Moses, who was always turning corners.

A square has corners, but not a circle. Creation/life is "a circle within a square," smooth, regular motion within sharp, sudden turns.

In English, corner and horn are cognate. They both derive from the Hebrew keren. The altar had horns on each of its corners.

Corner, turn, horn, keren all have a common "rn." In Hebrew, rn means a song of joy that rises from earth when evil has been annihilated.

Contemplate the 2 letter sub-root rn as standing for "right now"! Turn a corner, see the end of evil, and sing a song of joy – right now!

Jewish meditation is a serious endeavor but also a lot of fun. In Proverbs, King Solomon calls it "delights" and "games."

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