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5760 (1999-00)

11 Tishrei (Sept 10)A Blessing for the New Year of 5760
26 Tishrei (Sept 16)

Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 1)
The Power of Love

313 Tishrei (Sept 23)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 2)
Love–The Ability to Communicate
419 Tishrei (Sept 29)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 3)
Love–The Revealed "Something"
527 Tishrei (Oct 7)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 4)
Abraham–Faith and Love
64 Cheshvan (Oct 14)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 5)
Love–The Revelation of Potential
711 Cheshvan (Oct 21)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 6)
The Nursing Baby Parable
817 Cheshvan (Oct 27)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 7)
Love–Israel as a Light unto the Nations
925 Cheshvan (Nov 4 )Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 8)
The Love Connection
109 Kislev (Nov 18)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 9)
Secrets of the Three-fold Gold
1121 Kislev (Nov 30)Love–The Creative Power of the Soul (part 10)
Love–The Ultimate Secret
121 Tevet (Dec 10)The Mystery of Marriage
Finding One's Soul Mate–Found or Find
137 Tevet (Dec 16)The Mystery of Marriage
To "Find" Eve
1414 Tevet (Dec 23)The Mystery of Marriage
The Two Trees of the Garden of Eden
1520 Tevet (Dec 29)The Mystery of Marriage
Cultivating Selflessnes
1627 Tevet (Jan 5)The Mystery of Marriage
Remembering the Common Soul-root
176 Shevat (Jan 13)The Mystery of Marriage
Love at First Sight
1812 Shevat (Jan 19)The Mystery of Marriage
Experiencing Love at First Sight
1919 Shevat (Jan 26)The Mystery of Marriage
Five Biblical Examples of Love at First Sight
2026 Shevat (Feb2)The Mystery of Marriage
Relationship, Togetherness, and Oneness
213 Adar I (Feb 9)The Mystery of Marriage
Mirror Psychology
2211 Adar I (Feb16)The Mystery of Marriage
Three Levels of Relationship
Tzadik Beinoni and Rasha
2318 Adar I (Feb 24)The Mystery of Marriage
The Rasha: Indignant Estrangement
2424 Adar I (Mar 1)The Mystery of Marriage
Rectifying Domestic Strife
251 Adar II (Mar 7)Anxiety Relief — part 1
Approaches to Psychological Well-being
268 Adar II (Mar 15)Anxiety Relief — part 2
Self Knowledge — Know Yourself
2716 Adar II (Mar 22)Anxiety Relief — part 3
The Way Out
2823 Adar II (Mar 30)Anxiety Relief — part 4
Therapeutic Techniques
291 Nissan (April 5)Anxiety Relief — part 5
Quashing Anxiety
307 Nissan (April 12)Anxiety Relief — part 6
Ignoring Anxiety
3128 Nissan (May 3)Anxiety Relief — part 7
Articulating Anxiety
325 Iyar ( May10)Anxiety Relief — part 8
The Chassidic Therapist
3312 Iyar (May 17)Anxiety Relief — part 9
Ignoring vs. Articulating Anxieties
3419 Iyar (May 24)Anxiety Relief — part 10
Transforming Evil to Good
3526 Iyar (May 31)Anxiety Relief — part 11
Light and Darkness
369 Tamuz (July 12)Anxiety Relief — part 12
Submission, Separation, and Sweetening
3716 Tamuz (July 19)Anxiety Relief — part 13
3823 Tamuz (July 26)Anxiety Relief — part 14
Anxiety and the Ego
392 Av (Aug. 3)Anxiety Relief — part 15
Contemplating the Greatness of G-d
406 Av (Aug7)Anxiety Relief — part 16
Contemplating the Lowliness of Man
4116 Av (Aug 17)Anxiety Relief — part 17
Detailed Contemplation
4223 Av (Aug 24)Anxiety Relief — part 18
Heartfelt Prayer: Sweetening Within Submission
4330 Av (Aug 31)Anxiety Relief — part 19
Separation: Ignoring Anxiety
447 Elul (Sep 7)Anxiety Relief — part 20
Dismissing Negative Thoughts: Suppression Within Separation
4514 Elul (Sep 14)Anxiety Relief — part 21
Medative Prayer: Separation Within Separation
4620 Elul (Sep 20)Anxiety Relief — part 22
Positive Thinking: Sweetening Within Separation
4727 Elul (Sep 27)Anxiety Relief — part 23
Three Phases of Submission

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