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Any Hope for a Sinner Like Me?

Q: Rosh Hashanah is rapidly approaching and I am feeling awful. I have done some not-so- great things this year, and I don’t know how to repent, or even if God wants to hear from me at all. Is there any hope for me?

A: Every descent in one's life is for the purpose of his ultimate ascent, starting from the descent of the soul into the physical body. Say the blessing of "Elokai neshama" (“God, the soul You have given me is pure”) every morning with great concentration. In addition, contemplate on the parable of the rotting of the seed in the ground. This degeneration eventually brings about a new plant, much greater than the original seed.

Every difficult situation or crisis in a person's life facilitates the nullification of a kelipah (unholy shell) on the person's soul so that the holy fruit can manifest. This is accomplished through the person's strong will to truly connect to God, the Creator of the world and the Giver of the Torah.

The past is just that. It is gone, and you do not have to dwell on previous transgressions. This is one of the ploys of the evil inclination, which deceives a person into thinking that there is no hope for him. This is not true!

At any moment, a person can start his life anew. When a person serves G-d with joy, his entire life can be rectified.

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