All the King’s Horses

God created the world ex nihilo with speech – "And God said 'Let there be light," etc. Communication is creation. Learn to communicate.

In general, a vessel's opening (mouth) is at its top. To get to the vessel's content you have to be above it.

To understand the meaning embedded in words you have to be above the words, you must sense the meaning before you begin to read the words.

Letters and words are likened to horses, you have to know how to ride them. It can sometimes be dangerous; you might fall or get kicked.

To fall off a horse is to misunderstand the meaning of words. To get kicked is to feel intimidated by certain words before you mount them.

A king is not allowed to possess too many horses, just as many words as he needs to lead his people justly, no superfluous words.

Horses come from Egypt. We were in Egyptian exile in order to gather words, but are forbidden to return to Egypt for more words.

All exiles are called Egypt. In each exile we learn how to express ourselves better, we acquire horses. When enough we are redeemed.

Horses, donkeys, and zebras all belong to the genus Equus. They correspond to 3 types of words: warriors/drivers, yoke-bearers, untamed.

What does it mean that the Mashiach will ride a donkey? That his words will inspire us to accept upon ourselves the yoke of heaven with joy.

After he'll get off his donkey he'll mount a horse to fight the wars of Israel. Then he'll get on a zebra to tame humanity – all with words.

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