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The Hebrew Letters: Alef-Beit Significances – Introduction


Summary of the Ten Alef-Beit Significances

1. Concept:
The underlying conceptual principle associated with the letter.
2. Meaning:
The literal meaning of the letter's name.
3. Shape:
The primary visual association related to the letters shape.
4. Number:
The numerical value of the letter as calculated in Gematria.

Basic correspondences in the three dimensions of:

5. Space:
The physical elements, the celestial bodies and the zodiacal signs.
6. Time:
The seasons, the days of the week and the months of the year.
7. Soul:
The limbs and organs of the human body responsible for mediating related experiences of self.



8. Quality, gift or sense:
Specific innate or acquired expressions of lived experience, controlled by the above limbs and organs of the soul.
9. Archetype:
Archetypal figures from the history of Israel.
10. Channel:
The horizontal, vertical and diagonal channels linking the Ten Sefirot.



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