Adam, Eve, and the Snake

Adam, Eve, and the snake, the three players in the Garden of Eden, correspond to mind, heart, liver.

Adam Eve snake plus brain heart liver = 528, the triangle of "heart" (32; 1 plus 2… plus 32 = 528)

All is included in the heart, in Eve. Brain descends to its right and liver ascends to its left.

There, in the heart, the psyche of Eve, is the battle ground between Adam and the primordial snake.

Adam and the snake are fighting over Eve, as the sages say that the snake fell in love with Eve.

The battle is who will control the heart, the emotions of man (love, fear, etc.), reason or impulse.

Reason is not always rational and impulse is not always irrational.

Reason allows for super-rational self-sacrifice, impulse teaches one that he comes first.

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