Abraham Began to Shine Light

The first 3 verses of the Torah correspond to the first 3 weekly portions. "In the beginning God created…" corresponds to Genesis

"And the earth was formless and void…" alludes to the 2nd weekly portion, Noah. The deluge wiped life off the face of the earth.

"… and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters," the end of the 2nd verse, alludes to Abraham, born at the end of Noah.

The 2 words, "and the spirit of God" = 306 (the average value of the 6 primary senses) = Noah Abraham (who appears at the end of Noah).

The 3rd verse, "And God said 'Let there be light' and there was light" corresponds to the 3rd weekly portion, the story of Abraham.

The sages say, "Abraham began to shine light." He was the first to enlighten the world with faith and knowledge of one God.

The initials of "Abraham began to shine light" spell "tent," from one of the 13 roots in Hebrew that mean "light."

The initial and final letters of "Abraham began to shine light" = 306 = "and the spirit of God." The end of the 2nd continues into the 3rd.

In the story of creation itself, the end of the 2nd day continues into the 3rd day. Only then is the 2nd day's intrinsic goodness revealed.

"Tent," the initials of "Abraham began to shine light," are also the initials of "light that shines to an other."

There are 2 tents (of Torah study), the tent of Shem and the tent of Ever (Shem's great grandson).

The "tent" of Shem stands for "light that shines to oneself." The "tent" of Ever stands for "light that shines to an other."

Abraham is not referred to as a Semite (from Shem), but is called "Abraham the Ivri" (from Ever). He shined light to others.

Abraham loved all, embraced all, fed all, and taught all. The Ba'al Shem Tov said that before bestowing spiritual good, bestow physical good

In Kabbalah, Abraham represents the right. In English, the initials of love embrace feed teach spell left. Include the left in the right.

A good doctor is one who radiates faith, warmth, and care to his patients.

There are two types of love, naturally flowing love as water (love of siblings) and passionate love as fire (love of spouses).

Although the initials of Abraham and Sarah spell fire, their love for one another was as water. But they gave birth to fire. Isaac is fire.

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