This volume will prove a basic resource for anyone interested in Kabbalah, the mystical tradition in Judaism.

While the topics are covered in a clear and lucid manner suitable for the new inductee, even the most seasoned and learned scholar of Kabbalah will find a wealth of new information and insight. In what has become Rabbi Ginsburgh's trademark, the many parallel and seemingly contradictory systems of Kabbalistic thought are presented in a systematic and orderly structure that is essential for gaining perspective on their oftentimes overwhelming complexity. In essence this book is an introduction to all of Rabbi Ginsburgh's many writings.

Our generation is awakening to the transformative power of mystical thought and searching for the way in which it can function as a complement to our rational mode of thinking. This book will serve as your key to bridging the mystical with the rational and provide you with the tools for uncovering the hidden dimensions of your world, your self, and your relationship with God.

What You Need to Know about Kabbalah follows the most advanced method for unifying the teachings of Kabbalah by looking at them from three perspectives: Worlds, Souls, and Divinity.
Chapters include: • An Overview of Kabbalah • Contemplative and Practical Kabbalah • The Misuse of Kabbalah • The Stages of Creation • Kabbalistic Models • Letters: The Building Blocks of the Universe • Sefirot: Divine Energy • Sefirot and the Soul • The Power of God's Names • God's Essential Name • The Sanctified Names • God's Connotations

In addition, a basic introduction to gematria, the mystical art of Hebrew numerology, is included.

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