In Hebrew "Gal Einai" means: "open my eyes." This name was adopted from the verse: "Open my eyes that I may behold wonders from your Torah" (Psalms 119:18)–thereby expressing the institute's commitment to rendering the hidden, inner dimension of Torah, a source of wonder, inspiration and insight for all.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, our goal is to open the world's eyes to Divine consciousness, spreading G-d's good light to every household, classroom, and community on earth.

Gal Einai Institute's central goal is to encourage the study of the Torah, particularly from the perspective of its inner dimension, as revealed in the teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut. The Torah is G-d's greatest gift to humanity, and is relevant to all people, both Jews and non-Jews. Studying the Torah, commiting to it, and applying its teachings in your everyday life will change your life as an individual.


In Kabbalah and Chassidut we learn that G-d is all and all is G-d. He is everywhere–in every facet of our lives. Our challenge is to discover G-d and to connect to Him in all that we do. The more that this consciousness prevails, the closer we will come to the revelation of Mashiach. The light of G-d's loving-kindness will permeate the world, bringing health, happiness and true peace to all.


Rabbi Ginsburgh's teachings on Jewish mysticism touch every area of our lives, from the mundane to the sublime. In his innovative books and lectures, Rabbi Ginsburgh elucidates even the most abstract concepts in Jewish mysticism, and relates them to contemporary issues in science, psychology, mathematics, marriage, economy, education, meditation, parenting, philosophy, medicine, politics and the arts. These teachings, geared toward people of all backgrounds, reach thousands throughout the world and show us how to incorporate Divine consciousness into every aspect of our lives.

We invite you to take an active part by:

  • studying the material on this site and teaching it to others,
  • supporting the publication of Rabbi Ginsburgh's teachings by donating or dedicating a publication (this website or a book)

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